BeeFriend#3 Ants attack

Welcome, the sixth week of development on BeeFriend has already passed. Let’s get started with our bi-weekly update.

Ants intrude hive

Our game is focusing on honey, so we wanted to have more details regarding production. Base honey inflow is determined by hive level, but in addition, various effects may be applied to bee’s homes. Our first modifier is an ants attack. When ants’ force is trying to get into the hive, bees cannot work as effectively as in normal circumstances. Hence, the honey production is reduced by half. It also means a stop of production for hives with a production speed of less than 2 liters per second, so low-level hives are the most affected. This condition will continue until the aggressor is defeated. To do so, the player can launch a mini-game where he needs to kill a few symbolic ants. Ants are moving fast which makes it a bit hard on the PC, but we think on mobile it will be easier. Once the ants are gone, honey production goes back to normal. There is no deadline for dealing with an aggressor, so ants cannot for example destroy the whole hive. Probably there will be also an option to skip this mini-game in exchange for premium currency or a short advert. We will see in the future. Ok, but how do the ants start attacking hives? We created a lottery mechanism that once in a while will pick an event like an ants attack, and then will pick a random hive to apply it. This mechanism starts working from specific Acts’ progress. When the mini-game was working we added some graphic elements to make it look well. The ant image itself is in my opinion no so sweet as the rest of the design, but one it is an enemy, and second I couldn’t come up with an idea of how to make a cute ant.

Olaf shop

Last time we showed you, Olaf, now players can interact with him. He is offering schemas for buildings that create your empire. So you cannot really progress without good relations with Olaf. His menu positions are determined by current Act progress. We also updated the “buy” buttons, so they are disabled if players do not have enough money to afford a correlated item. It was important since Olaf is also a bit greedy. And we added an image to indicate the state when the player bought every available item at the current Act.

Act objectives

Now a few words about the Act itself. So as you know it consists of smaller chapters that have objectives. We created logic that is responsible for fulfilling those objectives, so it happens automatically. Once every one of them is done, a player needs to click a button to go to the next chapter. We created also animation on the main game view informing the player about the finished chapter. To make our testing easier we added the “reset progress” button to the settings view. This way we can start the game from zero with one click.


We make our wallet work, so by making a purchase your amount of coins is actually decreased. Simple thing but make a big difference. We also started to shorten big numbers, so now we will not be displaying many zeros, but just a letter indicating the actual large number.

More stable honey price

Speaking of money, we changed the logic of setting the honey prices. The max and min limits are the same, but variations are much smoother. It still needs a lot of work, since we want to have many honey types, but one step ahead.

Changes in the environment

We want our map to be enjoying the player just by looking at it. We are not there yet, but we added two elements to get closer. The first one is the bee which you can remember from our first video of this series. So now bees are flying on a map to and from hives. Their number depends on the number of active hives. The second one is flowers in a meadow. For now, we created just two models - daisy and tulip. The idea is new flowers will be showing up along with player Acts’ progress.

First android build

The last thing is more technical, we created the first Android build of this game. In general, it is working well, but we have a few issues like widgets not opening on a full screen. It is the plan for next weeks to make it look nice on a real mobile device.


At this point, I am ending this devlog. I really like how work is going on this project, and I hope you like it too. Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

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