BeeFriend#4 Lighthouse

Hi, two months with full steam on are already behind us. Recently we spend most of the time adding new staff to the game, let me show you.

Adding sounds

Our game finally has sounded. We added background music, the forest, birds, and river sounds are the same as in our previous project - TeaPuzzle. Additionally, we have sound effects on widget open and close, sound for pumping, this one we might change later, and we have a simple melody playing once a current chapter is completed. All sounds are not ours, but on nice licenses, so we added authors’ credits in About view. As you can see we also fixed widgets to display on a full mobile screen.


With sounds, the first Act is finished, so we started defining the scope of the next one. In short, it will be focusing on discovering new honey kinds. For this purpose, we needed a new building. We decided to create a lighthouse where players can perform expeditions. The new building means a lot of drawing and modeling which is fun. We started with widget design. I like the bee explorer drawing which was prepared earlier. So far it is the most complex picture we have in this game. We also had an idea to create a compass image which turned out to be a good shot. The reward screen reuses ornament from victory over ants view, but we changed the color. And also at this point, we needed to draw the first honey icon. Our lighthouse has simple rules - only one expedition may be pending at a time, and new ones will become available along with Acts’ progress. A reward for the finished expedition is the new honey kind. The first possible honey to unlock will be linden honey. We also created a 3D model of the lighthouse. To keep basic proportions it needed to be higher in comparison to Olaf’s house. This led us to change the camera angle once again, to be able to fit this high object from the player’s viewpoint. The model itself is simple and low-poly, so it composes well with the rest of the map. The fun thing is a simulation of a lighthouse light beam, which is just a rotation of yellow color on the windows zone. We also decided to change the map a bit, since we added a lighthouse it makes more sense to create a mini sea. For this, we simply extended the end of our river.

Multiple honey kinds

Having the possibility to unlock new honey kinds, we needed to handle it in hives and tanks. It cost us a lot of code changes, but since the project is still small, it wasn’t that bad. Now in each tank and hive players will be able to select which honey kind is there processed. We think this should add an economic management factor to the gameplay. So in further acts, there may be a need to change honey kind a few times to fulfill some objectives. It also creates a problem - what to do when a player wants to change honey kind in full tank? On one hand, simply removing content would irritate players, on the other hand, auto selling honey will be too easy. To solve this problem, we decided to show a popup informing users the honey will be removed, but this popup will appear only if storage is filled at least 20%. In this way, the player agrees with honey lost or will sell it and then change honey type. This 20% is important in hive cases because in the hive we have natural inflow, which could lead to appearing this popup too often. We also needed an icon for every honey kind. For now, we have only two types, so it wasn’t complicated. The first is multiflorous basic honey and the second is linden honey. One thing which is missing now for sure is the market, where all kinds of honey prices will be easily accessible in one place.


In one of the previous videos I mention premium currency, and we made a consensus on what it will be - so it will be avocado. You might ask why this fruit? Because it is cute and healthy. We want to have a limited amount of avocado possible to buy on market. Players will use it for example to pay Olaf for some extra work like dealing with ants in a hive.


The greatest difficulty in those two weeks was to put aside Songs of Conquest and focus on development. Songs of Conquest was released recently in early access, and it is a very immersive experience. I would highly recommend trying it out. In the end, we are wondering how long we want to continue developing this title. Trying to reach perfection is not possible with our resources, so we rather will try to keep this game small. Probably we will finish from 3 to 5 acts, and put this project aside since we have already in mind the next game with bigger potential. It doesn’t mean we don’t like BeeFriend, if it will reach some audience, and we will see people want more, then we will resume work. At least that is a brief of our plans for the feature. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one.

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