BeeFriend#5 Market and release

Hello, this is the finale video of the Bee Friend series because we made a release and for now we will not be developing it any further. But firstly let’s get started with our update as usual.

Act 3

During the last two weeks, we finished the third act. We added a new honey type which was pretty straightforward since expedition logic was already there. This new kind is buckwheat. In total, our game has three honey types. Since it is only Act 3 the speed of unlocking new kinds of honey is a bit fast, so if there will be act 4, we think there should not be another kind, but maybe later in act 5. The next thing in act 3 is anti-ants protection. Players can unlock it in Olaf’s shop, and then mount it on every hive separately. It disables the possibility of an ant attack. It is a nice feature since smashing ants can become tedious after some time of playing. The novelty in Act 3 is the market. Let’s talk about it in detail.


To unlock the market first player needs to repair the bridge with help from Olaf. It is just a simple buy button in Olaf’s shop. When it is done it is possible to swipe further to the right where the market is placed. As you can see we prepared a widget and 3d model for the market. In the market itself, we have two things. The first one is a summary of all unlocked kinds of honey and their current prices. This should help make a decision on which honey is the most profitable at the current moment. Theoretically the same can be done in a tank, but having it in one place is much more convenient. We also paid a lot of attention to making multiple kinds of honey work correctly, there were a few bugs we needed to fix. The second thing in the market is the possibility to buy avocados which is our premium currency. The price for avocado is high, but we think it should be.


Before release, we spend some time fixing small bugs and adjusting things to make the game possible to pass. Okay, but why we are finishing this project that early? The most important thing is we don’t like how our game looks on real mobile devices. We are using Vulkan and although it is a promising technology, we are not happy with the results we got. Maybe it is bad support from the Unreal side for Vulkan or Unreal support for mobile games at all. Or even more possibly, we are too young in the game’s world to figure out how to set it up correctly, since there are mobile games running on Vulkan, which looks good. I don’t know. It just feels awful when you are developing the game and on a PC emulator it looks fine, but then your final product is a few levels below it. When we choose to start making mobile games we were thinking it will be easier than building games for PC where players will be expecting more. And probably this is right, but we just selected the wrong tools for it. We think in Unity our game would be looking much better. But since we like Unreal, we think let’s use it for the things it was created for. So yeah, in short, this project is over and our next game will be on PC. In our next adventure probably we will also prepare some videos for you, but rather not as regular as in this series. The game itself does not look like the finished product, the main thing player needs to do is hold the pump button which, can be boring after few times. We know that, but at least for now, we have not the motivation to add more mechanics to make this game more interesting. Either way, if you want to try it out, the link to the game is in the description.

Graphic for website

In the end, I will show you a timelapse of creating a graphic for the home page of website.

Bye bye

That is all that we prepared for you today, so thanks for watching, and have a nice day!

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