Tasteless#1 Concept

Hello, hello, long time no see. While our absence, we started a new production. In this video, we will try to explain to you our concept for this game, and also show a few first already made steps. Please sit comfortably, grab your coffee, and have fun watching.


After our small experience with mobile games, we decided to go for PC. It will give us more possibilities, and finally, we will utilize Unreal in a good way. The first thing might seem to be quite obvious, but it does not hurt to mention we want to go full 3D. The camera will be hanging behind the main character, and rotations in all axes will be possible. It is trivial, but we feel like it is something that was lacking in our previous games, and additionally, we are finding it very exciting. Speaking of the main character, it will be a water jelly, but with hands and legs. It will be armed with a knife and a wand. Since we have weapons, in this world there will be enemies. The antagonists of our brave jelly will also be sweets, like candy, lollipops, donuts, etc. but why would they be fighting? Here we are smoothly moving to the potential of hydrogen. It is a bit complicated but hears me out. You see, our water jelly has neutral pH at level 7, but enemies like lollipops can have for example pH at level 3. The pH is the source of conflict there, water jelly would like everything to be neutral, but others want the opposite. To achieve that each side will be shooting the other with acid and alkaline. Additionally, water jelly will have the possibility to shoot water bullets, which can reduce pH both from acid and alkaline to neutral levels. To complicate things a bit, you can put too much acid or alkaline on your opponents, and it will not make them die. To cause death, you need to set the enemy pH equal to the neutral level which is 7. The main character will have health points and pH levels as well. Taking a shot from an enemy will reduce your health points and modify your pH level depending on the enemy type. When jelly pH level is for example at 1 - so very acidic, his shots which normally reduce acid will become less powerful. So for example when you are fighting against acid enemies, they will change your pH to make your powers weaker in confrontation with them. Jelly will always be able to shoot water, but water bullets are less dangerous to acid enemies than alkaline bullets. I hope you get it :)


The world aesthetics would be sweet and sticky, however maybe at the end of the game, it might become a bit darker. We want to make the first biome a huge cake castle. There will be towers having a cherry on top, bridges made of biscuits, and gingerbread buildings. Levels will be determined by platforms. When a player will finish one platform, the doors to the next one will open. As for the platform, we are planning various challenges like defeating a few enemies, climb on challenging floating marshmallows, or potentially even solving a logical puzzle.

Random events

We wanted to add some random events to our games. So our plan is to have 3 active modifiers at a given time. Those modifiers should significantly influence gameplay. After each level, a new modifier will be added and the oldest one will be removed. Later on, we see here a possibility of a feature for streams, where stream chat can decide which modifier will be applied next. It still can be pretty random but should improve viewers’ engagement.

Shooting system

We started this project with the unique element we have, which is a shooting and live system based on pH. We used the Unreal starting template and made modifications. So right now we do not have custom meshes, since we focused on logic first. Currently, the player is able to select between two guns and change its type of ammunition. The first gun has 3 types of ammunition which are acid, water, and alkaline. The second gun, for now, is just a placeholder, we have an idea for it, but maybe another time about that. Players have the possibility to shoot in two positions, the default third-person view and specially designed for shooting scoped view. In general shooting in focused mode is much more precise and convenient. The switching between those two, is bound to one key on the keyboard which currently is ‘V’ as view, so it should be easy to memorize. The basics of the live system are also working, after hitting enemies their pH points are changed. The player is also taking damage.

Range and melee enemies

As for enemies we also started from the logical part. For now, we have two types - range and melee enemy. The cool thing to do is project behavior trees. So we can add to our opponents a bit of intelligence. For example, when the enemy does not know where the player is located he will be walking on a map from point to point until the player will be found. Range enemy can keep distance, and melee enemy will chase the player when he tries to run away. There is also a possibility, to implement various tactics like when on the map are 3 melee enemies they will try to attack the player from 3 different angels instead of stepping on foot each other.

Bye for now

This is all for now what we wanted to share with you. I hope you liked it. The videos about this project will not be regular, since we want to take it easy, and what is more important we need to collect enough new content to have something to share. Thanks for watching and see you in the undetermined future, bye.

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