Tasteless#2 First models

Hi goodfellas, in the next update about our first full 3D game. A few weeks of work are behind us, so let’s jump right into the changes.

Main character model

Our main character got a new look. Now, he seems to be a bit heavy and jelly-like. The wand is quite big and seems to be a powerful weapon just like it should be. At first, the knife looked pirate-ish, so we decided to tweak it to give it a more magical vibe. The gameplay is planned to be rather shooter than melee combat, so the knife will be much weaker than wand. When enemies are close to the player, you can use only the knife, so one of the points of the game is to keep distance from opponents. We also prepared some animations. There are two sets of character movements for aiming mode when the character is always looking at the centre point of the screen, and walking mode when the character is a little faster and can be turned in any direction. And two separate animations for melee and range attack. It’s a bit rough, but probably it will stay that way since we are focusing more on game logic. As a bonus the body of the main character is changing colours based on the current player PH level.


We made a user interface in this dark bubble chocolate theme. In the top left corner we have the main character vitality panel. From top, we see PH, energy and health levels. We were also able to add a few animations to it. On the top right we have a lottery section, here we see in which mode the lottery is operating - stream chat or pure lottery. We have a preview of three next possible perks and probability to get each one. In case of chat mode it is not probability but, percentage of cast votes. And at the bottom we have equipment and three currently active perks. It’s already partially working.

Candy enemy

Everyone loves candies, unless they are shooting at you and punching you with huge lollipops. So here we come with our first enemy in the game. Aren’t you terrified? You should be. Making enemies is an essential part of many games, and we have a lot to do in this segment. Our angry candy also got an animation set. In addition, when the enemy dies we have special animation which morphs it to the void.

Shooting system update

With a little fun with ninja and particle systems, the shooting feeling was improved. A nice bullet tail was added, and it can be changed depending on bullet type. The tail can be bigger with strengthened projectile perk. In the end we decided to alter focus mode, by moving the character to the left side, which makes offset between crosshair and wand smaller and effectively shooting is more precise. Also taking damage makes the camera shake a bit, which makes a big impact to immersion.

Main menu was prepared. The design feels a bit weird, but we think it is ok, since the game title is Tasteless. Nothing special here, just a few settings and information.


In the preparation for the multiple levels, Jacob made logic for checkpoints. Right now it is this floating sphere, but the mesh will be replaced later. This will be only to save progress in game, so it will be placed in essential parts of your journey, like before and after arenas with enemies.


We have an additional element to our game environment, which is grass. But not normal grass, it is procedurally generated, single blade oriented, wind affected grass system. It was created with the help of this great video. It turned out to be heavier than we thought, so we plan to exchange it with a stripped down version.


One of elements we are the most proud of is player dash. It allows you to quickly move the character in any direction. We added a few blue tails to make it visually satisfying. It is a powerful tool in dodging enemy bullets, and in jumping on platforms as well. And it makes gameplay way more dynamic. Possibility of dashed is controlled by energy level, for now one dash costs 30 energy points.


That’s all for today, thanks for watching!

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